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US Dept of Transportation Regulations

Federal Railroad Admin


See what the FRA says about Reasonable Suspicion training

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DOT Training Requirement


See what training the DOT requires for Drug & Alcohol Training for Management

US Coast Guard


See what the USCG says about Reasonable Suspicion training

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SAP Evaluations

When an employee falls in violation of the DOT regulations, or even your organizational regulations for drug and alcohol testing, we can administer the SAP evaluation process. 

We offer consultations around cases for management and assessment evaluations for those employees who violate those regulations.

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DOT Trainings

We come to your location and train your Staff, Management, Supervisors, Union Leadership and others during a face to face session. This permits questions, case studies, feedback and management support. There is no limit to the number of attendees. We provide all materials for copying and certificates of completion for employee files. We incorporate your company regulations into the training. We are subsequently available for consultation on cases regarding testing and preparing for a DOT audit.

Dot Trainings

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George Sawin, LICSW
US DOT Qualified SAP